Monday, April 4, 2011

Piece by piece...

Slowly but surely I can see this thing coming together. I know it's nowhere even close to being finished because at this point in time my homepage is still blank. However, the little things are slowly getting completed, which I hope will result in the bigger things coming together as well.

Each activity I've completed has opened a new door for material to write about...I can't believe I used to think dreams would be a hard topic to find information on. Resources of all different kinds are presenting themselves now, and I can honestly say I'm beginning to feel ready to take on the larger portion of this project.

That being said, not everything is just falling into my lap. I still haven't been able to even speak to a psychologist or psychiatrist to set up an expert interview. There's still time, but it's definitely running out on me. If I have to wait much longer just for an interview, I may have to speak to one as a patient instead.

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